This new range of balers set new standards for efficiency. The press is equipped with the ‘Bale & Tie’ function, so that the bale is built up in a steel chamber at the same time as a bale is tied. It is new in the design and construction of balers and prevents production stoppages and increases capacity.

Our 2-ram presses all have:

  • Combo Door TM
    2 stage opening so that ‘oversized’ bales can come out
  • SmartKnife TM System
    Simple blade adjustment using adjustment bolts
  • Hardox 450-500 wear rails (Liners)
  • Loosely suspended press and reject stamp
  • Flame-hardened piston rods with special Teflon base gasket
  • SkyjackerTM System
    Makes it possible to change the liners without dismantling the machine
  • PLC-controlled machine with the possibility of 20 recipes
  • Bale binding
    The number of threads is variable and is determined based on the material

Note! The models shown from the product range are available in several variants.

2 ram balers from American Baler

American Baler produces robust and efficient balers, designed to handle large volumes of waste and high density materials. All machines are equipped with a powerful hydraulic cylinder that ensures fast and reliable compaction of waste into compact bales.

They are operated using a user-friendly control panel that allows setting of different compression levels and cycle times. A 2ram baler from American Baler is ideal for companies that need to handle large amounts of waste and want a reliable and efficient solution.

2 ram balers from Harris

A 2-ram baler from Harris is versatile and efficient, designed to handle different types of waste and materials and can be easily adapted to different applications. The machine is equipped with a powerful hydraulic cylinder that ensures reliable compaction and significantly reduces the volume of the waste. The machines are very user-friendly and it is easy to set up and control the compression process.

The presses from Harris all have a large filling hopper, which makes it easy to load into the machine, and a combo door solution, which ensures that oversized bales can come out of the cylinder. The 2-ram balers are ideal for companies that handle large amounts of waste, but at the same time want a flexible and reliable solution for their waste management.

2 ram balers from IPS

IPS produces powerful and versatile balers, designed for efficient baling of waste. The balers have a robust two-ram system that provides superior compaction power and enables various materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic, metals and more into bales. With its advanced hydraulic system, the IPS ensures compact bales, optimizing storage and transport efficiency.

The machines are user-friendly to operate and equipped with a programmable touch screen interface that makes it easy to adapt the machine’s programming to the material being run. With a 2-ram baler from IPS, you are guaranteed reliable operation and easy maintenance, suitable for companies that handle large quantities of materials.

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