We design and assemble facilities for handling and sorting all types of waste and scrap.

– Everything from optimization and restructuring of existing productions to the establishment of new facilities. Specially tailored to your exact needs.

Wamatech – from waste to money

Poul Steffensen
Poul SteffensenIndehaver af Wamatech

At Wamatech, we ensure treatment and optimization of waste for recycling. We are a market leader in Europe, and we develop, design, install and service waste management facilities.

We are experts in the field and therefore tailor solutions based on the customer’s specific needs. We always focus on delivering systems with high operational reliability and long service life, which can thus ensure customers good stable earnings. We are specialists in large industrial plants and have agencies throughout Europe. In addition, we also offer standardized solutions that can be easily and simply installed at the customer.

Our service team has many years of experience in the industry and communicates fluently in Danish, Nordic, English and German.

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We are full of creative solutions adapted to every need

  • Pressing of all types of products
  • Breakdown and granulation of all types of waste
  • Sorting waste into ‘clean fractions’ for recycling
  • Steel scrap/metal, plastic, cardboard/paper, glass and much more
  • Turnkey design of complete plants
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