Benefits of volume reduction

The most important reasons to reduce volume of waste are:

  • Reduce storage costs – less need for storage

  • Minimize transport costs – several tonnes per m³

  • Prepare waste for automatic sorting lines, e.g. electronic scrap and MSW

  • Prepare waste for incineration

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We sell several models and manufactors of grinders and shredders:


breaks down large units into small parts, e.g. down to 250-100 mm. Relevant products can be metal, wood, plastic, e-scrap, MSW etc.

Roto grinders

is often used to break down into very small units, e.g. down to approx. 5 mm. Roto-grinding is suitable for wood, plastic, waste without metal, paper etc.


as roto-grinders, but can process hard materials such as wood with nails in it, e-scrap, hard white goods, tires with wires, MSW with metal pieces etc.

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