Roto grinders are suitable for ‘clean’ products such as wood (without nails), plastic, paper, OCC, fabric fibers etc.

The grinders have rotor sizes from 170 to approx. 600 mm and knife size up to 60 x 60 mm, while the engine power is up to around 600 hp!

The advantages of roto grinders

  • Robust construction ensures a long service life
  • Can be supplied with large hopper opening and hydraulic piston feeder
  • Can be fitted with a feed control system to prevent the rotor from being overloaded
  • Hydraulically or electrically driven
  • Simple maintenance

Roto grinders from Granutech Saturn

Granutech-Saturn is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machines for breaking down materials. For over 50 years, with an innovative approach, they have produced shredders suitable for the production and recycling industry.

Rotogrinders are specialized machines that use rotating blades and cutting tools to break down materials like plastic, wood, rubber and more into smaller particles. This process results in uniform granulated or chipped materials that can be used directly in production or recycling processes. The method ensures even breakdown of materials, resulting in uniform particles with precise sizes and shapes.

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