Get room for your waste

By baling your waste you:

  • Save transport costs

  • Save space

  • Handle the waste easier

  • Prevent possible self-ignition by wrapping it

  • Landfilling can be more efficient

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We sell several models various manufactors of balers:

2 ram balers

used for almost all kinds of waste: Wood, paper, OCC, tires, cables, PET bottles, plastic, metal cans, non-ferrous, big-bags etc.

Horizontal balers

are often used for PET bottles, paper, OCC, plastic wrapping, big-bags and other ‘lightweight’ materials. Some models are especially suitable for MSW.

Scrap balers

suitable for products such as various scrap materials as copper, iron and steel as well as car scraps.


for collecting waste as paper, cardboard, plastic film and combustible waste before processing.

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