The Envirobale® Bagging System is the perfect system for baling waste for incineration with optimal working conditions and environmental considerations.
At the same time, the system requires a minimum of maintenance.

The bale comes directly from the baler into a bag instead of the traditional baling with wires. The Envirobale ® Bagging System can be connected to all Harris 2-ram balers.

Advantages of the Envirobale® Bagging System

  • No wire tie system to cause breakdowns due to dust or small particles in the waste
  • Improved working environment as there is much less waste on the floor around the production and storage area
  • Fewer machines to operate and maintain

The Envirobale® Bagging System can be supplied as

  • A manual system for 2 operators
  • A semi-automatic system for 1 operator
  • A fully-automatic system for 1 operator for greater capacity

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