Should we design your new sorting facilities?

Turn key plants for handling all types of waste

Wamatech is leading in Europe and the Nordics in designing of facilities for handling and sorting different types of waste.

Based on your needs and types of waste, we find the suitable machines that are linked together with the necessary technology, safety and conveyor belts, all of which are adapted to your physical surroundings. We are exclusive dealers of the industry’s best machines in the Nordics and large parts of Europe and thus ensure a robust and reliable plant.

During the entire process, you only have to deal with one supplier (Wamatech), so you are guaranteed that delivery, set-up etc. are on time. Our technicians are hand-picked from the industry and ensure that the entire system is assembled and installed so that it is fully functional when it is handed over.

Here you see the construction of a complete plant, specially designed and assembled according to the customer’s needs.

If you work with different types of waste, we can program the machines to other settings depending on the type of waste, so that you can process several types of waste at one plant. It ensures a versatile facility that can be adapted to e.g. new sorting rules for private or new needs to unsort simple materials:

  • Paper/cardboard

  • Metals

  • All types of plastic: incl. sorting out black plastic

  • Tetra Pak: milk and juice cartons separately

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