The Wire Tie system ties wire around the bale as it exits the baler to hold its shape. The system is delivered mounted on the baler and ready for use.

The wire/thread is replaced as it is used up.

The advantages of the Wire Tie system

  • Easy to access and operate
  • The number of wires can be adapted to the product
  • The wire keeps the shape of the bale
  • The knot lies horizontally on the bale
  • Different thicknesses of wire: 11 and 12 GA.

If you want to use a tie system with plastic bands rather than steel wire, this is also possible.

Spare parts

We are distributor of both L&P Wire Tie and Accent Wire-Tier. If you need spare parts, we deliver quickly for both systems at a good price from our own spare parts warehouse.

We supply quality wire in different sizes and with different strengths. Wire can be delivered in 20′ or 40′ containers directly from our supplier, or in smaller quantities from our own warehouse.

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