Do you get enough out of your waste?

Wamatech is strong in waste treatment and optimization for recycling Wamatech is the market leader in Europe in developing, projecting, installing and servicing waste treatment and handling facilities. We are experts in the field and therefore tailor solutions that are based on the specific needs of the customer. We always focus on delivering plants with high reliability and long service life, which can ensure customers a good stable earnings. We specialize in large industrial plants and have agencies throughout Europe on American Baler, Granutech Saturn, Harris and IPS. In addition, we also offer standardized solutions that can be easily and easily installed at the customer. Our service team has many years of experience in the industry and communicates fluently in Danish, Nordic, English and German.

Recycling of waste

Sales, counseling and service that ensures the customer receives profitable waste treatment. We always focus on the economy and it is not without reason we say “From waste to money”.


Do you get enough out of your waste?

Do you get enough out of your waste? Wamatech is strong in treatment and optimization of waste for recycling Pressing all types of products from cardboard, plastic to cars etc. Shredding of cars and waste Dividing and granulation of all kinds of waste, from paper to cars etc. Sorting waste into 'clean 'fractions for recycling Scrap steel and metal Turnkey, design of complete

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